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“To Recycle or not To Recycle” that is the question.

Solving the waste problem with White Hydrogen

White Hydrogen technology is designed to convert waste the hydrogen. Considering that waste is a widespread global issue and an environmental concern, it’s crucial to question whether recycling is a practical solution or merely a psychological means to feel connected to the environment. Or is converting waste to hydrogen a more environmentally friendly way to deal with it?

There’s a widespread misunderstanding that recycling is a panacea for waste reduction. Despite some recycling programs implemented by federal and state governments being touted as successful, the reality is that recycling remains challenging and costly. Consequently, a significant proportion of waste ends up as a landfill. 

Recycling is certainly not the panacea that one is hoping for

An alternative to waste recycling is the White Hydrogen and H2-XERONOX®, a novel thermal technology process that converts carbon-based waste to Hydrogen-rich syngas.

H2-XERONOX® is a clean hydrogen energy technology, the result of many years of research and development by Delafield Pty Ltd.; the process involves thermochemical conversion at high temperatures. This thermal conversion process facilitates and breaks the atomic carbon-hydrogen bond and releases the hydrogen.

The company have proven this technology with a pilot plant where carbon-based waste is successfully converted to Hydrogen and hydrogen-rich syngas.

Emission free Hydrogen is the answer

Our hypothesis that an economically feasible technological solution exists for waste reduction or elimination while simultaneously generating emission-free hydrogen, a clean energy carrier, has been confirmed by the fully scalable and modular White Hydrogen – H2-XERONOX®. This technology is set to offer the safe and clean energy solution that everyone is anticipating.

Syngas, a fuel gas mixture primarily composed of hydrogen, is a vital intermediate resource for producing hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, and synthetic hydrocarbon fuels. It is also combustible and can serve as a fuel for electricity generation.

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