Investment opportunity

WHITE HYDROGEN's Investment and partnering opportunity.

Delafield Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading clean energy technology company with an innovative flagship product, White Hydrogen, that converts crude glycerol, a low-value by-product of biodiesel production, to carbon-neutral hydrogen on the end user site.

White Hydrogen uses proprietary and patented technologies, such as Harmonic resonance combustion and H2-Xeronox, to ensure high efficiency and low costs.

This modular and scalable technology offers end users on-site hydrogen production for processes, fuel cells, or storage in metal hydrides, eliminating the need for costly transportation and compression and providing a unique selling point to potential customers.

Delafield collaborates with external partners, such as the University of Queensland and the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Qld., to ensure the best possible project outcomes. The company believes that partnerships and investment are critical to developing sustainable solutions that benefit future generations and combat climate change.

The global hydrogen market is expected to grow significantly, making Delafield’s White Hydrogen an attractive investment opportunity for equity partners and investors looking to participate in the hydrogen market. With a pilot plant already built and demonstrated, Delafield is well-positioned to move toward commercialization and is seeking funding and partnership opportunities to bring this technology to the market.

Delafield’s White Hydrogen technology is a scalable, modular, and highly efficient solution for on-site low-cost, carbon-neutral hydrogen production. It has a unique competitive advantage in the renewable energy market, making it an excellent investment opportunity for those interested in participating in the growing global hydrogen market.

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