A Cleaner Energy Future

De-carbonise our economy with unprecedented momentum and focus on Hydrogen

The world has a unique opportunity to achieve a cleaner energy future and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by focusing on hydrogen. The momentum and attention towards hydrogen are unprecedented, and this presents an opportunity to create a pathway towards a decarbonized environment. The White Hydrogen – H2-XERONOX® system is an efficient and clean solution that produces hydrogen from carbon-based materials. It is a cost-effective process that does not require significant financial sacrifices or behavioural changes, making it a technology that can benefit all of society while having a positive impact on the environment and economic growth.

The energy sector is responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions globally, including transportation, electricity and heat, buildings, manufacturing, and construction. While hydrogen is often viewed as a solution for decarbonizing transportation, which accounts for only 16.2% of emissions, electricity and heat account for a significant 30%.

In developed countries, natural gas is the primary energy source for heating and electricity generation, representing around one-quarter of all energy consumed. However, heating is responsible for one-third of carbon dioxide emissions in these countries, highlighting the role hydrogen can play in decarbonization. One way to achieve this is by injecting and blending hydrogen into the natural gas network, a safe and affordable pathway towards a decarbonized economy. Using this approach, customers do not need to replace their cooking or heating appliances, resulting in less disruption and lower costs.

The H2-XERONOX technology offers a cost-effective solution for producing hydrogen-rich syngas and a safe and clean pathway towards a decarbonized future.

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